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Partners in Torah: Shtieg

A Reflection by Zach Pearlstone 24'

I participated in the Maimonides Freshmen Fellowship this past semester, and I loved the Jewish exposure the program offered me. I loved Meor's programs so much I even joined another program called Shteig. This program met every Monday night for three weeks and paired students with Jewish professionals to learn Torah. For example, I along, with two other freshmen, Jake Green and Andrew Wagner, was paired with Mike Seidman, an Emory alum, who challenged and guided us in our sessions. Graduating from a Jewish Day School, I entered Shteig with a strong Jewish background, and this program still challenged me and allowed me to grow. While the program focused on advanced texts, we learned material applicable to our everyday lives. Furthermore, Shteig connected me with an Emory alum in my community in Baltimore who has invited me for a Shabbat dinner, and we discovered our families are friends. While my Shteig experience was unique, this program offers everyone their own unique experience. This coming February, I hope to see you at Shteig, so we can Shteig and grow together.


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